Sunday, October 14, 2012


I realized that we have a 2 year old and a 5 month old and I'm not very good with documenting their lives.  I'm hoping this helps!!!

Here are my taken yesterday.  

I can't believe how big they both are!  

Luke is so big and such a happy little man.  He's getting really good at sitting - he HATES laying down!  Everytime he's on his back, he lifts his head and legs up - he looks like a turtle stuck on his back.  He ADORES his big sissy - he will not stop watching her if she is around.  He's so obsessed he won't eat or sleep if she's around.  I have to take him in another room.  It's really hard with a 2 year old to leave the room every few minutes, but we're working it out!

Chloe is 2. I mention that again because she is soooooooo very 2.  :)  Strong willed, determined, stubborn, amazingly smart, funny and unbelievably loving to us and her "Ukey".  She loves dancing and is getting the hang of singing.  She'll pipe in with a few words here and there on the songs she knows.  She is counting to 13 and can go higher, but gets stuck and needs help every few numbers to get to 20.  She's learning her letters too - we do a new one everyday.  She loves her books and reading.  She'll sit in her bed when she wakes up in the morning and at nap time and read for at least an hour.  It's great!  She transitioned to the toddler bed in August and did amazing.  We thought we were in trouble with her being able to get out that she would be up earlier or not sleep as well...not the case at all. She loves her bed and still spends a lot of time just relaxing.  She has, in the last few days, been getting out of bed to grab some toys, but she grabs them and hops back into bed.  We also got rid of the binkies about a week ago. She only used them at nap and bed time, but it was time to part with them.  We wanted to give her the transition to big sister and toddler bed with a little token of her baby hood.  I'll write about that another time - I have to put the pictures on my computer first!

I hope to keep this pretty up to date.  Not sure who I'm going to share it with yet - it may just stay private as a way for me to document the milestones we're achieving and to look back as they grow.  <3

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